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  • The Black Barrow

    Returning to [[Gloomhaven]] with our latest haul of treasure, we approached the market in search of a good trade.  Unfortunately, there were only a few visible stands around that were not yet packed up for the day.  

    A robed [[ …

  • Session 2

    The stench of death and rotting flesh got thicker as we kicked past the corpses of our foes and headed deeper into the underground burial site.  Guided by the muffled sounds of conversation, we found our way through the maze of …

  • Black Barrow

    A hideout made from blackened earth on the edge of the [[Corpsewood]] (section G10)  This was the lair of the thieves that stole Jekserah's documents.

  • Arcane Library

    The mad mystic Morsbane's library.  Per the archaists' writing there is treasure locked away here that would only grow more powerful with time.

  • Temple of the Eclipse

    [[MOBBB]] received a black and white coin as payment in trade from a [[Savvas]] in [[Gloomhaven]]'s market which we researched at the university for possible hidden value.  Although we came up with nothing a [[Aesther]] noticed …


    Mercenaries On Booze, Bud & Bitches.

    Roster: Krunk, Jefe, Duster, Rix & Yuge

    Location: The [[Black Barrow]]

    Achievements: First steps

    Reputation: 0


  • Crypt of the Damned

    The bandit commander's proclamations of a [[Gloom]] does not sit well in our stomachs.  Based on the papers we quickly reviewed from the [[Black Barrow]] there is a crypt near the bend in the Still River - something there holds an interest for …

  • Rix

    Rix, and his community, were chased out of the [[Dagger Forest | Dagger Forest]] by a group of bandits that claimed the woods as theirs. He doesn't know if his family and friends are dead but either way now that he has joined up with the [[MOBBB | MOBBB …

  • Duster

    Duster was thirsty. Thirsty for answers. Growing up an orphan, he didn't have access to the teachings of the old Savvas masters he had only heard rumors of. The energy core that glowed under the glass like surface of his chest was a mystery to him - such …

  • Jekserah

    A Valrath approached MOBB at [[The Sleeping Lion]] and hires them to retrieve some important documents that were stolen from her. Appears in: Intro