Savvas Cragheart


Level 1 Savvas Cragheart
Items: Iron helmet, Minor, Stamina potion & Boots of Striding
Gold: 27
XP: 76
Combat goals: 5
Personal quest: 514


Duster was thirsty. Thirsty for answers. Growing up an orphan, he didn’t have access to the teachings of the old Savvas masters he had only heard rumors of. The energy core that glowed under the glass like surface of his chest was a mystery to him – such a stark contrast to the rest of his hard, rocky body. He was obsessed to learn all he could about the power he felt pulsating within his glowing heart. For decades he studied. He knew the source of his power was somehow connected to the elements. He felt drawn to the earth which both confused him and renewed his vigor for knowledge.
Anatomy fascinated him. He was just beginning to understand his own but there were so many other races. How did they all work? What makes them all tick? Just imagine if one could examine anatomies under stress to find their limits. Sure, there are cadavers at the University, but they are so lifeless. The best way to quench this thirst for knowledge is to get dirty and experience action firsthand.
Was this still just an obsession or had it become madness?


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