Tag: Gloomhaven


  • The Sleeping Lion

    A run down tavern located in [[Gloomhaven]], where the cast offs of society are known to drink and brawl.  Jekserah met, and hired, the [[MOBBB]] here.

    The mini campaign from the second kickstarter starts with a encounter here …

  • Sanctuary of the Great Oak

    The Followers of the Great Oak are the most dominant religion in human society, though it is much more focused on healing and helping the less fortunate than it is on religious dogma. It is more akin to the Red Cross than any religion in the real& …

  • Available items

    Boots of Striding: 001.  Cost 20 / Availability 0/2 / Foot slot.  Use:  Tap, during your turn gain +2 movement and flight. ***Note this is not a free movement, it is added to whatever your base movement for the rounds is.

  • Rix

    Rix, and his community, were chased out of the [[Dagger Forest | Dagger Forest]] by a group of bandits that claimed the woods as theirs. He doesn't know if his family and friends are dead but either way now that he has joined up with the [[MOBBB | MOBBB …

  • Duster

    Duster was thirsty. Thirsty for answers. Growing up an orphan, he didn't have access to the teachings of the old Savvas masters he had only heard rumors of. The energy core that glowed under the glass like surface of his chest was a mystery to him - such …

  • Jekserah

    A Valrath approached MOBB at [[The Sleeping Lion]] and hires them to retrieve some important documents that were stolen from her. Appears in: Intro